Tribal tattoos

Art has no boundaries and no limits. It is dependent on one’s visualization and it can go infinite. Art and culture has a strong relationship that has been accepted by all ages and all nations on earth. Tribal tattoos are one such demonstration of art and culture. Some people believe that art is a container of culture and it highlights important colors of culture and transmit cultural changes. Art is actually a demonstration of human’s inner being, his feelings and his life. An artist captures, visualizes and produces what he feels all around. Tribal tattoos are real example of culture demonstration that has lived for years and now became fashion.

To depict an artistic visualization; an artist needs a canvas paper and in case of tattoo designing; human body is treated as a canvas paper for the artist. It takes introduces the art to a new height. Away from the essential resources by which it is produced it is exclusive in the logic that it utilizes the human body as the means of articulation. For tattoo artists; they have special importance of skin as a canvas screen or recipient as they think that human skin is more durable as compared to paint, canvass or marble. The trend of tribal tattoos is not only meant for ornamentation or fashion but it has a strong meaning inside and it actually helps in reviving the culture.

You may have tattooed sun, jagged lines or the interwoven curve on your body but do you know the specific ethnic group whom it belongs to? Every tribal art has historical background and belonging as history has clues of tattoo designing just for sake of power and transmitting message of aggressiveness. Modern tribal tattoos are carried from Mayans, Aztecs and Incan cultures. So, it is always best to know about these cultures while getting tattoos.