Dragonfly tattoo

Surprisingly the trend of having tattoo on your body is getting popular day by day. First it was thought to be men artwork but with the passage of time young girls and women are also start to take interest in tattoos. This is the main reason why this industry is booming. Dragonfly tattoo is a classic tattoo design that is very famous among the women across the globe. The dragon fly is the symbol of freedom and wild spirit so many women who are going to have the very first tattoo on their body tends to have Dragonfly tattoo on the body. This is a small size tattoo that can easily be cover up. This tattoo can be easily available in different color and it is the choice of the person that which color they would select. Men tend to use blue and green color whereas women like to get violet and purple color tattoo on the body.

The dragon fly is the symbol of continue work and stamina as it works all day and never stop. Men and women who are interested to design the Dragonfly tattoo on the body feel the same level of motivation. It the old American religion, people thought to have animal spirit and carefree is the symbol of dragon fly. To be very honest, the Dragonfly tattoo is very much popular among those people who are going to have the tattoo for the very first time. It is evident that this design has become the top choice across the globe as there are a lot of magazine that add flame to this artwork. Some people find this design as best alternative to the butterfly and floral designs. You can also have the tattoo of this design on your foot and multicolor.