Butterfly Tattoos – Butterfly Thighs

Butterfly Tattoos - Butterfly Thighs

Butterfly Tattoos – Butterfly Thighs

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Men’s tattoos

If you are a tattoo enthusiast then it will be easy for you to differentiate between men’s and women’s tattoos. Can you? There is simple and straight forward difference if you judge and what is it? It’s about nature of men and women. Men are aggressive, blunt and rude where as women are soft, lovely and charming. Men are always after aggressive and belligerent tattoo designs. Usually men’s tattoos are composed of guns, swords and other warrior tools.

However, have you ever noticed a reason for men to get a tattoo? It’s just nothing other than men’s wisdom to look attractive and sexy in front of ladies. These tattoos actually depict men’s inner self and their aggression. There is long range of tattoo designs and styles available for men but broadly these designs have been placed under three categories including animal instinct, tribal art and old school appeal.

Can you name some animals that are known for symbolizing men’s character and power? Well, what kind of characters men wish to demonstrate? Men always wish to demonstrate wisdom, bravery, speed and strength. Usually, men go for lion, tigers, leopards, jaguars, eagle, dove, cunning snake, dragon, scorpion and other such animals to depict their qualities and personality.

Tribal art is another family of tattoos that has strong influence over men. The wisdom and hidden meaning of tribal art depicts one side but its glory and attractiveness is really appealing. There are many tribal art tattoos popular among men and there are specialized tattoo artists who are only interested to play with tribal art tattoos as they are well knowledge about each line they draw and each mark they make to compose a tribal art tattoo. People recommend that every tattoo wearer should consult the artist about the expression and meaning of art before getting it on.